Classmate Profiles
Classmate Profiles 

35th Reunion Weekend - June 2010

“The experience was amazing! friends, old and new totally rock!”  Laura Neff Casselman

“I had a perma grin on my face all weekend”  Steve Hager

“I think the feeling in my heart and the smile on my face will last a very long time.”  Kit Villani Argenti

“It was a weekend of uncommon connectedness and great joy in seeing old friends, making new ones and allowing the selves we have grown into to be seen.”  Lesley Goddin

“As we get older, we reconfigure our priorities, and reconnecting was priceless.”  Joanne Fernandez

"I think the most remarkable thing is the looks on people's faces in the numerous pictures that were taken.  They are not your standard posed shots.  I didn't see forced smiles.  Rather, there was truly a sense of joy beaming through on each one of them."    Art Stone 

“I think we all found hidden behind our eyes the passion that connected us all 35 years ago.”   Frank Piscopo

“It was a lot of fun and great to see our classmates again.” Patti Ahrens Meckler

“It was a fun and memorable weekend.” David Speiser

“It was great seeing all of you and laughing with you and remembering things I hadn't thought of in years.  It was truly a re-union in the best sense of the word.”  Wayne Olsen 

“I had the best time and really enjoyed seeing all.” Kathy Barton

“It was a fabulous event, and considering I was a reluctant participant, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”           Janet Grapengeter

“It was special - One of the few things I've learned over the years is people and relationships are much more valuable than stuff - this will be a good memory.” Kevin Kerr

“I dont think any near future weekend will top last weeks..absolutely unforgettable..! I continue to be amazed that although many of us didnt 'hang' out with each other at the age of 14-17 or so .. that was all forgotten”             Kit Villani Argenti

Friday Evening at the Iron Horse

Saturday morning tour of the school

Saturday night:  The Main Event

And afterwards, the Breakfast Club meets at the Suburban Diner!

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