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Friday, October 23, 2015

So, what the hell do we do now?

With our vision of The Best Reunion Ever now relegated to being an object seemingly closer than it appears, we ask ourselves, "So, what do we do now?"

Fact is, we still have a little ways to go while we continue to post things here on almost a daily basis.  Some of our traveling classmates will be getting back home shortly, and will be sending us more pictures to post. We still have some that we received that we haven't gotten around to posting that we should be sharing with you as well.

In approximately two weeks, we’ll certainly start running out of material, at which point, we’ll update things here on a weekly basis, more or less.  At least that's the plan, but we'll see how it goes. We urge you to share any information you may have with us so that we can post it on this site and keep it fresh.  We know it’s difficult for hardcore FBers to believe, but not everyone is on Facebook!  So if something interesting is going on in your life, please, share it with the class by sending it to admin@pvhs75.com, and we'll find room for it here.

One of the things that we will post here shortly is a piece for which the working title is, “Hillsdale/River Vale, Then and Now,” authored by our own Bob “Studs” Hubbard.  That piece will be a photographic narrative of what has changed around our towns over the past 50 years.  For those who haven’t been up here recently, it should be interesting.

We will also be posting a classmate directory for anyone who wants to participate.  It has always been a policy here not to publish personal information, such as email or street addresses, but a classmate has recently made a suggestion of posting something for those who don’t mind.  Great idea!  Give us some time, and we’ll run with it.

Due to popular demand, we plan on having annual get togethers to hold us over until Reunion XLV in 2020.  These will, of course, be less involved than this past Reunion Weekend extravaganza, but will be a great opportunity to see each other and enjoy a nice dinner together. We are also open to any suggestion anyone might have for helping us all keep in touch!

In the next few weeks, our reunion committee will have a debriefing meeting to discuss the reunion and . . . well, give us one more opportunity to hang out together over wine and cheese.  We’ll be sure to report back if we have anything exciting to share.

Let's keep it going!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Here are some videos of the PVHS Tour on Saturday afternoon,



and HERE

Sandy "Sunny" Kaczala Irwin, not enjoying herself at all at the Iron Horse

on October 17, with Carolyn Bowler Joy and Diana Grassi Grossman

October 20, 2015

Sunny, one so true . . . 

Her friends call her Sunny, but if you're a classmate, you can call her "Sandy."  So how did Sandy "Sunny" Kaczala Irwin get her nickname?  This is how she tells it: 

What’s in a name….?

It was so fun to be able to attend the “mini reunion”  to help promote the reunion with a photo op at PVHS followed by a get-together at the Iron Horse.  As I caught up with classmates, the questions kept coming up about “who is Sunny?”  My name appeared on the list of attendees as “Sunny”, email responses are sent by “Sunny”, my husband will refer to me as “Sunny” and I no doubt will slip up sometime after the second glass of wine Saturday night and introduce myself as, yup – “Sunny”.

At one point early in my career I enrolled in an airline school located in Vancouver, WA. Although we studied hard we enjoyed our time off.  One day we were all giving each other a nickname that referred to where we lived.  At the time I was living in Wheat Ridge, CO, so I became “Wheat Ridge”.  My roommate was from Topeka, KS so she was “Topeka” and so on.  One day my friends felt “Wheat Ridge” was too hard to say, so they declared that I was much more of a “Sunny” than a “Sandy”.  It stuck.

So, right after school most of us got hired by Air Florida and flocked to Miami.  Surrounded with my friends, I continued to be “Sunny” for nearly two more years.  When I moved on to my dream job as PR Director for an int’l tour company in Paramus, I figured I was back on home territory and could resume my true identity. On my first day my new boss was introducing me to the rest of the staff when he reached a woman named “Sandy”.  He paused, turned to me, and (literally) asked, “Do you happen to go by another name?”  Seriously!?  Who does that?  Who asks a new employee if they happen to have another name up their sleeve that they’re just dying to try out?  Well, me.

And there you have it, from that point on only my family, relatives and… classmates, call me “Sandy”.



In early February, a group of 12 or so dedicated classmates met for the first of our monthly meetings of the reunion committee. Demonstrating that we're on the cutting edge of technology, we arranged to have three of our classmates appear via video conferencing through an app called ooVoo.  Though Frank Piscopo, Lesley Goddin and Mary Riley Viehoefer live in Pennsylania, New Mexico and Texas, respectively, the rest of the folks on the committee were able to hear them and see their larger than life images on a big screen television.

It was truly a great bunch of guys and gals.  You probably would never have seen us all at the same lunch table at PV, but somehow, the chemistry was right at this point in our lives, proving that half the fun can be in the journey.  The work was hard, the time was consumed, but it was a hell of a great ride!

The committee hopes you enjoyed the events of Reunion Weekend.  As far as we're concerned, "things just don't get any funner!" 

The expressions of love and laughter we saw and heard this past weekend would lead us to believe you all agree!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

If you are looking for something here today, forget it.  Too worn out.  We can talk about it tonight.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Procrastinators Rejoice!  IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

We still have room at both Domani tonight and The Main Event tomorrow.  That, of course, may change.  If you are not signed up to either, and have suddenly decided you would like to go, the preferred method of payment is online by credit card, until one hour before the event. After that, it's probably best to bring cash or a check with you.  We'll try to post something here if we do sell out, though we can't guaranty admission if you are not signed up and show up at the door. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A blast from the past!

We just received congratulatory accolades from Sra. Crikelair, our beloved Spanish teacher who went on maternity leave in our junior year and never looked back.  To give you some perpective, the subject of that maternity leave, her son, is now 41 years old!

After leaving PV, Sra. Crikelair taught religious school for eight years, cub scouts for nine, ESL on and off, adult Spanish for two terms. She now proudly works full time as grandmother/teacher to nine grandchildren!  She and her husband are in the midst of a real estate project in the Adirondacks known as Ski Bowl Village at Gore Mountain.

She says, “Please give my love and fondest regards to anyone who might remember Spanish class. I am ever so much older but continue to ski, skate, dance, write, golf, paddle board, etc. and in my grandmotherly way, even teach! . . .  Life is very good.”
Sra. Crikelair says that she has always considered many of us as her friends, as we were not much younger than she, and adds, “Tell my group of dancers (I also taught modern dance at PVHS) that I still treasure the Lladro figurine they gave to me when I left in '74.  I was not paid for that extra curricular, but loved it so much.  I look forward to hearing all about a wonderful reunion and great memories.”

Gracias, señora Crikelair, por haber sido una gran maestra y una influencia positiva.  Después de cuarenta anos, todavía la recordamos y la queremos.

Charlie Lange is the latest, and perhaps one of the last of our classmates to sign up for Saturday night. We'd like to thank Charlie, as well Ruth Mesrobian for their donations to the cause.  Also, we neglected to thank Ellen Schmidt Odenath for an additional donation she recently made.  Your donations are helping to make a special night even more special, including some classmates who purchased $10.00 tickets who might not otherwise be able to to attend.

We now have 89 classmates attending, with 112 attendees over all.  So how are we doing?  Class Act, a company in the business of putting together reunions and getting people to attend, makes the following claim: 

"Generally, at most 20 percent of the class will attend."

It's good thing we didn't pay these guys to organize our reunion, but decided to do it on our own.  Othewise, we would have had no more that 56 classmates attending (20% of our surving class of approximately 280)!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

  • We hadn't heard from Ruth Mesrobian until she purchased her ticket last night.  Better late than never! 
  • It looks like we will be taking over the Super 8 hotel in Mahwah this weekend.  According to the manager, 40 of us will be staying there.  Both the DoubleTree and the Super 8 are sold out.  If you are looking to stay in Mahwah this weekend, here is a list of hotels having availability at least for Saturday night.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The good news is that Kevin Kerr will be joining us Saturday night.

The bad news is that Robert Denehy will not be making the long journey from Dubai after all.  Unfortunately, due to personal matters, he will be unable to attend. 

For those classmates coming from the west coast, that means the award for farthest distance traveled is now up for grabs!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A message from Diana Grassi Grossman:

Hi all! I just spoke to Cindy, owner of Lou's. Regarding Friday, Oct. 16 she said that she had a band scheduled for that night, but they had to reschedule. She said anyone in our class who would like to bring their instruments and would like to jam with each other,should feel free to do so. I messaged Frank Piscopo telephone number, so in case any of you are interested, you can get in touch with Frank! Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you!


For those of you who haven't been keeping up with these things, don't forget about Friday night at Lou's!  Folks who are going to Domani will head out to Lou's afterwards.  Others will just be going to Lou's.  Whatever the case, if you are in town for the reunion, or just in town, meet us there, Friday, October 16!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

A message from Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison here sending congratulations to the Pascack Valley High School super class of 1975!

I was playing the hits on New York’s WABC radio then. The Captain and Tennille’s Love will keep us together was the number one song of the year and Elton John’s greatest hits was the top album of the year.
Jaws and The Rocky Horror picture show were hot at the movies, and the Odd Couple was number one on TV.

Have a great reunion with all your classmates and memories. I wish you all the best, because that’s exactly what you deserve!

Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison was a New York radio fixture from the late 1950s through the 2000s. Harry is the only DJ to be a WMCA "Good Guy", a WABC "All-American", and on the WCBS-FM line-up.  His morning radio program on WCBS-FM became a local institution, with Harry becoming lovingly known as the “Morning Mayor.” On April 25, 1997 New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani issued a proclamation, naming April 25 "Harry Harrison Day" in honor of the second "Mayor."  Harrison had a number of "trademark" phrases, such as "Morning, Mom" and "Every brand new day should be opened like a precious gift", and would help the female members of his radio audience get dressed each morning with a big, “ZIP!” He is featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bill Zweiman will be attending next Saturday's festivities.  Since we learned yesterday that unfortunately, Meredyth Bowler, will not be attending, our numbers are holding at 87 classmates, 108 attendees altogether. 



Saturday, October 10, 2015

With one week to go, here are the latest updated plans.

Schedule of events:

Friday, October 16

5:30 pm  We meet at PV.  We plan to set up a tent for our meeting place.  Check back for details.

6:00 pm  PV vs. Old Tappan football game.  Buy tickets at the gate for $3.00.

7:00 pm  Hangout at the Domani Bar begins

7:30 pm  Buffet dinner begins at Domani.  Buy your tickets here.

Sometime between10:30 pm - midnight Head over to Lou's Tavern in Hillsdale. 

3:00 am   Last call at Lou's

Saturday, October 17

12:30 pm  Possible lunch with Jeff Jasper at the Iron Horse.  Check back for details

2:00  pm School tour conducted by Jeff Jasper.  Meet in front of high school.

6:00 pm Hangout at Boomburger bar begins (next to DoubleTree)

7:00 pm  The Main Event begin at the ballroom at DoubleTree.  

Midnight:  Retreat to DoubleTree bar.

3:00  am  Boomburger closes

Sunday, October 18

10:00 am, or whenever you wake up.  Breakfast at Boomburger

Friday, October 9, 2015

  • With one week to go until Reunion Weekend, Mike Adler has purchased his ticket to the reunion.  We now have 87 classmates attending, and 108 people total!
  • What to wear?  In response to a frequently asked question, this is from our FAQ:
  • We don't exactly have a dress code for the events of reunion weekend.   As for the main event on Saturday night, most people attending the 35 year reunion dressed business casual , which may not help as that sometimes escapes precise definition.  If you'd like to get a clearer picture, we have clearer pictures of what people were wearing in the Scenes from the 35 Year Reunion section of the website.  If you are planning on attending the Friday night festivities, people tended to dress perhaps a bit more casual, but again, you can judge for yourself by seeing what people were wearing at the Iron Horse on the website

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The PVHS Class of 1975 40 Year Reunion Committee has announced the selection of Bob Zorowitz and Liz Janssen as co-hosts of the big event.
“Bob and Liz are consummate entertainers,” noted assistant treasurer, John Murano. “Liz’ distinctive charm and Bob’s showmanship make them the ideal co-hosts to honor the Class of 1975's legacy and insure we all enjoy an unforgettable celebration.  Besides, we felt kind of  bad for Bob, you know, never having won a class election and all.”
Bob let it be known that while the evening will be fun and entertaining, he and Liz are taking their jobs seriously.  “While we are pleased to serve as  MCs or actually, CMs--Class Monitors,  Liz and I expect you to hand in your homework immediately when you get to class.  And if you are late, we will need to see any excuse notes from your parents.  Or your children.  Or your grandchildren. And by the way, there will be no partial credit.”
Liz added, “The evening promises great fun.  Be sure to get to class on time!  You won’t want to miss anything.  There will be no make-ups and no extra help!”

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Bob Zorowitz is putting together a montage tribute to our deceased classmates.  Surprisingly, we have no more than a yearbook picture for many of them, and for some,we don't even have that.

Can you help?

If you have any photos of the following classmates, please send them here.  We will send them right over to Bob so he can complete the project in time for next Saturday's reunion!




Donna Barr Flatley
Vinnie Marrazzo
Scott Harper
Doug Politzer
Chuck Rumolo


Laraine Dippold
Dave Fredlic
Kevin Twomey
Ken Klein
John Pruzinski
John Faig 
Robert Petro
Jeannie Vernon
Doug Politzer


October 6, 2015

Wayne Olsen gives his warped perspective of the important events of our high school years in the latest edition of  Wayne's World

October 6, 2015

  • Sometimes in searching for classmates, you never quite know where you're going to find them.  We had what we thought was a phone number for Rita Endres Torreggiani, but what turned out to be her husband's cell phone.  We wound up calling Rita's husband when they were shopping at Walmart.  Didn't matter, as he shouted over to Rita who was in the next aisle and got her on the phone.  In any case, we are very happy to report that Rita just bought her ticket, and we will be seeing her October 17!
  • We have extended the deadline for purchasing tickets to Wednesday, October 14, 2015.  However, we are advised by the banquet manager at the DoubleTree that we must give them a solid number of attendees by that date.
  • We are quite pleased to report that Jeff Jasper will be conducting the school tour for our reunion on Saturday, October 17 at 2:00 pm!  While he will be unable to make the beginning of the main event later that evening due to a family commitment, he will try his best to join us before closing time.

Monday, October 5, 2015


We received disappointing news that due to a family commitment, Jeff and Lois Jasper will be unable to attend the evening festivities of October 17, 2015.  Jeff has indicated that he may be able to join us for some other part of the weekend.  We'll pass the word along when those plans become definite.

Kerry Fay Craffey has become the latest entry in Classmate Profiles.  Check it out!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


With less than two weeks to go, Cathy Stackpole and Mike Santoli have purchased their tickets to the Main Event.  Cathy and Mike will be traveling from Maine and Woodcliff Lake, respectively. We now have 85 classmates, and 107 people overall attending on Saturday, October 17.



Saturday, October 3, 2015

Who is Donald Cole?


. . and other assorted mysteries.

We have three sources for our determining who were members of the Class of 1975; the 1975 Warrior yearbook, the program from our graduation, and the list of graduates appearing in the June 10, 1975 Record article on our graduation.


The 1975 Warrior yearbook identifies 306 people as being seniors during the 1974-1975 academic year.  Three people identified as members of our class, Michele Bookholt, Maureen Vaughan and Lisabeth Piazza, have their names and pictures in our yearbook, and nothing else. They do not appear as members of our class in prior yearbooks, the graduation program or the list of graduates appearing in the Record and no one we've spoken with seems to recall any of them.  We have no idea why they are depicted as members of our class, but for our purposes, we are treating them as they weren’t


Five other classmates appearing in the yearbook never appeared in either the graduation program or the Record list, though they are in fact remembered.  They are Chris Doyle, William Farrelly, Bert Foley, Joseph Oppold and Doug Politzer.  Evidently, these people either moved, were graduated in 1974 or 1976, or just dropped out, but in any case, that would reduce our graduation class size to 298.

There is an apparent discrepancy in the Record article, in that it reports that 289 were graduated on June 9, 1975, while the accompanying list of graduates shows the names of 299 students.  As for the graduation program itself, 289 classmates are listed.

Why the difference of ten classmates?  Based upon what we learned from our discussion with one of those ten, it appears that those classmates may not have had enough credits to have been graduated with the class in June and were not part of the ceremonies.  Presumably, they got their diplomas after attending summer school (we hope!).


Assuming that to be the case, there would then be 299 people who received their diplomas from Pascack Valley High School in 1975.  But our adjusted number from the yearbook indicates 298.  


How could that be?


The name that makes the difference is Donald Cole, our mystery man.  Donald’s name appears in both the Record and the program as having been graduated with us in June 1975.  His name is not in any PV yearbook, and of the people we asked, no one knows who he is.  How he wound up receiving his the diploma with us is something that is lost to history.


For our purposes, though, we are striking him from the roles of our class.  With nothing but his name in a program and an article, and no recollection of him, he’d be impossible to find anyway.  And so, we’ve determined that the Pascack Valley graduation Class of 1975 is 298, and with 19 having predeceased us, that means 279 survivors.  (We’ll have to revise our figures previously reported.)


Do you remember Donald Cole, or any other of the mystery students, and do you know what their story is?  Do you know why some of these people appeared in our yearbook while not having graduated with us?  We'd like to hear from you!  Please email us at admin@pvhs75.com




Friday, October 2, 2015


Karen Arigot O'Reilly has become the 83rd classmate to sign up for the Reunion.  Karen still lives and works in Hillsdale, and is married to Tim O'Reilly, who was graduated with the PV Class of 1976. 


For those keeping count, we are back up to a total attendence ot 105, after the spouse of one of our classmates decided against attending.


Thursday, October 1, 2015


See who's going to Domani Friday night, October 16, here.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

From Jeff Jasper:

Totally enjoyed reading Bob Hubbard's insights on the teachers. Actually, I had more than a few laugh out loud moments. Very creative. As the advisor of you guys, (how did we ever make it through Camp Pontiac!), I am excited to see you on the 17th. 
It has been a long, strange trip.
Jeff Jasper

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We are sad to learn of the passing of Ted Blumenberg this past Saturday at the age of 76.  Mr. Blumenberg taught Physical Education Teacher at PV for 37 years. During that time, Mr. Blumenberg did not only serve as track coach and wrestling coach, but was PV's first soccer coach. He had been inducted into the PV Atheletic Hall of Fame and held many other honors and distinctions.  More on the life of Mr. Blumenberg, as well as funeral information, can be found here.  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

While  Donna Sledgianowski Reagan and Francine Lisanti Sledgianowski  have engagements preventing them from attending the Main Event on Saturday, October 17, they are not going to miss out on the fun.  Donna and Fran have purchased their tickets for On Deck at Domani, the Friday night dinner kicking off Reunion Weekend, after they attend the PV football game with other members of the PV Class of 1975.

Donna will be coming from Rockland County,  where she's been a registered nurse for 38 years,  working in a local mother-baby unit.  Sister-in-law Fran is traveling from Orange County, and has been working for a school district in Westchester County as well as the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How are we doing?

The sad thing about putting together the reunion is discovering how many classmates are no longer with us.  There are now 19 members of the graduating Class of 1975 who are not around to join the celebration. That is shocking for many of us, and it is natural for some classmates to inquire whether it is unusual for a class our size to have suffered so many losses.

In fact, while it is painful to have lost some amazing people over the past few years, statistically, the mortality rate in our class is actually quite low.

Insure.com asked an actuarial firm to determine, in part, how many classmates could be expected to have died within a class celebrating 40 year high school reunion.  The answer is that out of a class of 330, there would be an expected 32 deaths, or slightly less than 9.7% of the class.  For our size class, that would mean statistically, 28 of our classmates should have passed on.

To be sure, it is not very comforting that “only” 19 of our graduating classmates are no longer with us.  However, as it stacks up to the averages, we are not doing too badly.

These, of course, are just numbers.  Let’s be sure to keep Lorraine, Brian, Laura Jean, Sue, Jean, Mike, Bill and all our lost classmates in our hearts during our 40 year celebration, and remember the great times we enjoyed with them during our “glory days” at PV.  They will be here with us in spirit! 

(Note: While our tribute page lists 23 classmates who have passed away, four of them were not graduated with us.)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Does the face look familiar?  How about the jacket?

Well, the jacket belongs to Chuck Frahm, and was discovered and modeled by his son while they were packing for their move to Basel, Switzerland.   After calling it a career at the FBI where Chuck served as Deputy Assistant Director of Counter-Terrorism, Chuck moved on and is now serving as the Executive Director and Deputy Head of Corporate Security for Novartis.  Novartis is a Swiss company, which recently decided they wanted Chuck over there.  So Chuck and is familiy are now in transition, selling and leaving their home in Texas and moving to Switzerland.

Unfortunately, that means no Chuck at the Reunion.

While Chuck is disappointed over the timing of things, he said he’d like to drop in for a while at the Reunion via FaceTime.  If we can figure out how to do that, we'll try to make it happen.

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