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Classmate Profiles 

Classmate Trivia

Try your hand at classmate trivia!  Every Wednesday and Sunday we will ask 5 new questions concerning little known or hardly remembered facts about the members of the class of 1975. Answer the questions below before the next round of questions are posted.  The classmate with the most correct answers between now and Oct. 17 will win a $25 American Express gift card which will be awarded at the reunion.  Contest open to members of the class of 1975 attending the reunion only.  Originally contest was not open to committee members or their families and residents of North Dakota.  As of Oct. 3, due to a lack of replies, the contest is open to anyone who will be at the reunion except for the author of these questions.  Decisions of the judges may be arbitrary but in any event, are final. 

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Round 1 Sept. 2

No. 1 What classmates were members of the John Wayne fan club?  Paul Jackson, Mike Halligan, Tom Bader and Doug Henshaw.

No. 2 What student who went to school with us to junior year, was drafted by the Chicago Cubs out of high school?  Rick Alexander.

No. 3. What student "streaked" around the school in senior year?   In the interest of avoiding embarassment to the person involved, we will not post the answer here.  If there is someone who doesn't know the answer, contact bob@pvhs75.com and we will privately reveal the name of the classmate who revealed his privates. 

No. 4 What student never tied his shoe laces even when playing basketball? Mike Halligan

 No. 5 What  female students joined the armed forces after graduation?  There may be more than we know, so if you hit the number we know of, you will be rightLaura Neff and Barbara Wilkins.

Answers to round 2, Sept. 6.

No. 1 What students had the same names as famous people? That was Deborah Reynolds, Richard Burton, Nancy Lopez, Walter Koenig, William Robinson and Peggy Lee Frazier.

No. 2 How many students had the same last name? There were 15, Quin and Quinn don't count.

No. 3 How many pairs from question 2 were related? There were six siblings.

No. 4 Who had the nickname "hairy"?  That was Bob Marchak.

No. 5 Who was JT? Joe Talamo

Answers to round 3, Sept. 9

No. 1 There are 8 classmates we know of who live outside the U.S.A.  They are: M. Bowler, M. Crippa, V. Depalma, R. Dennehy, H. Guderud, S. Penny, J. Rapier, J. Seiden.

No. 2 Who looked like L.B.J.? Our Principal, Balkom Reaves, was a dead ringer for L.B.J.

No. 3 Who was known as "Razorback"? The late Scott Harper was given the nickname "Razorback" by Rhys Williams as he was from Arkansas.

No. 4 What did the girl's bowling team use as a mascot? They used a gremlin as their mascot.  See the yearbook.

No. 5 Who were the foreign exchange students? They were Monica Crippa and Heidi Guderud.

Answers to round 4, Sept. 13.

No. 1 Who pretended to be Mick Jagger and Earl Monroe? That was Dom Turitto.

No. 2 Who washed her hair in the brook most mornings?  Carolyn Goldman

No. 3 Who's girlfriend took the turn in front of the school too fast and almost wound up in the brook? Greg Goodell's girlfriend, who became his wife, Cathy Smeallie.

No. 4 How many and for bonus points name them, classmates married another classmate? There were two couples, Sadlon and Zucaro and Flach and Rekow.

No. 5 Who was seen on the back page of the Daily News holding a banner that read, "Fire Houk" on Oct. 1, 1973?  That would be John Murano.

Answers to round 5, Sept. 16.

No. 1 Who were the "Vander Horn Singers"? They were John Murano, Jordan Deflora and Mike Denofa.

No. 2 What was the score of the PV-PH senior game? We got killed by the Cowboys, 46-0.

No. 3 Who were the class couple? That was Chuck Frahm and Joanne Fernandez.

No. 4 Who drove a 1950's era Chevy? That would be Tom Huettner.

No. 5 What students used fake accents to read their parts in a story in Mrs. Armstrong's class? That was Ed Berger (German), Bob Hubbard (southern), Vincent Marrazzo (French or Italian)

Answers to round 6, Sept. 20

No. 1 What was the name of a group of teachers who sang at some of our events and who were the three we recall? They were the "Monotones" and included Mr. Ganz, Mr. Jasper and Mr. Rhys Williams.

No. 2 What teacher was a member of the 1973-1974 NCAA basketball champion ship team? That would be Rick Holdt.

No. 3 How many pairs of teachers were related in any form and for each pair named, you get a bonus point.  They were the Williams brothers, Mrs. Stiefel and her daughter Vickie Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Thielker, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper, Mr. and Mrs. O'brien, Mr. and Mrs. Hageman, the Doolittle brothers, and Peter Ricciardi and Vickie Stewart.

No. 4 How many class mates had a parent working at the school in any form and at any time while we were there.  Bonus point for each one named. There were 8. They were Karen Arigot, Laurie Bonfiglio, Kerry Fay, Frank Piscopo, Bill Pender, Joe Talamo, Carolyn Nagengast and Andrea Schanzenbach.

No. 5 Who was the teacher who was in charge of supplies for the Air Force during WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War?  That was Mr. Maffia.  Who knew?

Answers to round 7, Sept. 23

No. 1 Who decided not to participate in the graduation ceremony but showed up anyway and hid behind the back row and threw firecrackers?  That was the late Kenny Klein.

No. 2 Who had embers from Ken's firecrackers land on their cap which then started to smolder, much to his surprise? That would be Tom Huettner.

No. 3 Who had their chair stolen when they stood up as Ken was tired of crawling in the back, also much to his surprise? That would be Paul Stuckey.

No. 4 From where did the school acquire its' football grandstand about 1957?  The original grandstand was built for President Eisenhauer's 2nd inauguaration in 1957.  It has since been replaced.

No. 5 Who was the valedictorian and saludictorian?  That was Vinnie Depalma and SharonTaylor respectively.

Answers to round 8, Sept. 27

No. 1 What classmate won the Record's Athlete of the Week Award senior year? That was Jim Lundquist in football.

No. 2 What sport was pushed for by the senior class and others?  That would be soccer which was approved by the board of education in its' budget for the 1975-1976 year.  Mr. Blumenberg, who just passed away this week, was the first coach.

No. 3 What sport was started during our time at PV?  That was the girl's baskeball program which got off to a rocky start with our class as juniors.  The first two years were the only years Jasper's teams did not finish first in the N.B.I.L. for during his first 34 years of coaching.   Only recently has the girl's team not finished first though still finishing with winning records.  Sorry girls:)

No. 4 What pro baseball player hit a "home run" through the goal posts at the far end of the softball field in 1972 during the baseball strike?  Who did he hit it off of?   That was the "Stick", Gene Michael, who joked about it to a reporter and it appeared in the Record the next day.  We believe the pitcher was Ed Conroy but not certain.

No. 5 What was the only team senior year to win a tournament of any kind?  With the help of their lucky mascot, the Gremlin, the girl's bowling team won the N.B.I.L. bowling tournament crown, coached by Mr. Moran.

Answers to round 9, Sept. 30

No. 1 Many classmates wanted to know who got their photo in the yearbook the most times other than their official photo and who they knew for that to happen.  The answer is not whom many would guess but it makes sense.  Liz Janssen was in the yearbook the most times (11) followed closely by her sister Jer with 10.  Ed Gorham rounded out the top three with 9.  Not surprisingly, most of the yearbook staff were photographed more than the rest of the class.

No. 2 What students pictured in the yearbook in the senior section were not really in our class due to early graduations, mistakenly placed with us or was from another country and older than us but put in our class upon arrival.  That would be Elizabeth Maloof, Liz Piazza, Michele Bookholt, Jolanta Benal, Kathy Barile, Carolyn Goldman, Bonnie Lundquist and Deborah Martin.

No. 3 What students participated in the most sports as per the yearbook? That would be Liz and Jer Janssen, Cathy Stackpole, Joe Lilley and Andrea Schanzenback with two sports each.

No. 4 How many classmates were honor students and how many girls and boys were there?  Sort of a trick question.  There were fifty students listed in the graduation program but one was Rick Alexander who did not graduate with us.  So, there were 37 girls and 12 boys not counting Rick, for a total of 49.

No. 5 How many official seniors were there using the yearbook only?  There were 306 students named or pictured in the yearbook but two were imposters so there were 304.

Answers to round 10, Oct. 4

No. 1 What student suggested Frank Sullivan take a walk onthe wild side?  That would be Joe Gariano at the gathering in the auditorium to decide the various student awards such as class couple etc. for the yearbook.

No. 2 Who yelled after our famous streaker, "Hey!, Hey you!, come back here!" as he whizzed past him.  That was the very surprised Mr. Sulyma.

No. 3 Who told his students that computers were the wave of the future? That was math teacher, Mr. Ziemba.

No. 4 Who assured the audience at a sport's award ceremony in June of 1972 that he was not a ghost?  That was our prinicpal, Balkom Reaves, who bore a canny resemblance to the recently deceased LBJ.  He also was from Texas so he also talked like him.

No. 5 Who, when caught with an open book on his lap by Rhys Williams during an earth science test, exclaimed, "oh my God, how did that get there?" That was the unforgettable Billy Kravitz.

Answers to round 11, Oct. 7

No. 1 What did students bring into the cafeteria with them one winter's day? That was a very large snowball that they rolled through the door and into the lunch room.

No. 2 Who was the elderly gentleman who the track team adopted as their own mascot/number one fan? That was Mr. Sal Barnaba who used to run around the track after he retired in dress shoes.  He came to all the track events and is pictured in the yearbook.

No. 3 How were the colors of the boys gym shorts determined?  By how well they did in the President's Fitness Test.  The colors were gold, purple, red, green and gray. 

No. 4 What was Ms. Wall's prior occupation before becoming a teacher? She was a nun.  She used to sneak 6 packs under her habit into her apartment she told us:)

No. 5 Who was a teacher we had who went on to become the principal after Balkom Reaves retired? That was the late Barbara Sapienza.

Answers to round 12, Oct. 11

No. 1 What happened the very first day of school that affected everyone?  That was the fire alarm going off after some fool pulled it.  It mayhave bene a sign of things to come for our class.

No. 2 What did Phil Goodyear used to say to encourage his students?  He used to say "Good Job" which is inscribed at the end of a plaque at the high school dedicated to him after his untimely death.

No. 3 Who started the idea of hitting folks with pies senior year?  That would be our very own John Murano who actually wrote an article about pie throwing at PV in the school newspaper.  Say John, what was your favorite flavor?

No. 4 What students were initially involved with theidea of hitting the librarian? John Murano started the idea and Ed Berger and Bill Pender were the initial hitmen.  But, they backed out due to personal considerations.  Elliot Levy was next up with yours truly doing the photography work for the event.  But, Elliot got cold feet at the last second and switched roles with me which I stupidly went along with to my regret.

No. 5 What two students other than the main one also streaked at the school?  They shall remain nameless and shrouded in secrecy until the next reunion.  No one sent a guess so their secret is safe apparently.

Round 13, Oct. 14

No. 1 Who were the stars of the cross country team senior year? That would be Andy Zucaro, Doug Weber and Tom Mcdonald who sometimes crossed the finish line together tied for first.  The cross country team under Mr. Casperson was unbeatable, ending senior year with a 30 meet winning streak.

No. 2 Who was the quarterback senior year?  That would be the other blond haired fellow, Joe Lilley.  If only he was as hard to find then as he has been all these years, maybe we would not have lost to Hills 46-0 ;)

No. 3 What pitcher could throw lefty and righty?  That would be Rick Alexander who was drafted by the Mariners in the first round after he finished college in 1979.  I recall a photographer came to a game to take a photo of Rick and thought I was him.  I explained he was in the locker room still as though he may be fast on the mound, he was slow to dress:)

No. 4 What girls played on both the basketball and volleyball teams senior year? That would be Cathy Stackpole and the Jansen twins.

No. 5 What boys played on both the baseball team and football team?  That would be Joe Talamo and Ed Conroy.  By the way Joe, you still owe me ten bucks.  Bring it to the next reunion plus interest:)

This ends the trivia contest.  We will give you a little time to put your thinking caps on to get ready for the next contest.  Hope you enjoyed it.  See you in 5 years.





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