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  • Victor Marrazzo (Tuesday, March 28 23 02:33 pm EDT)

    To Toni, if you were messaging me about the plaque my brother graduated in 1975 and I graduated in 1978 which ever year you have a plaque of I would love to have it i'm on facebook

  • Toni (Sunday, May 15 16 12:37 pm EDT)

    Someone found a small plack with this class printed on it. It's a remembrance of members in your class who passed away. Would love to send you a photo of it. Where can I send it?

  • Vic Marrazzo (Monday, March 14 16 12:57 pm EDT)

    Hello My name is Vic Marrazzo class of 78. My brother was Vincent Marrazzo. I noticed your page here on facebook and wanted to let you know I am going to try to find a picture for your page. We
    really did not have many photos of him. Thanks Vic

  • Mary EdelenAshley (Tuesday, September 08 15 09:55 am EDT)

    Can't get into website. can't go, but really want to see.

  • Kathleen Schaefer Warner (Thursday, September 03 15 04:03 pm EDT)

    Once again, the white man eradicates the Indian! This is a matter of local heritage and pride! I have never seen any PV Indian in mockery of The People Who Inhabited this Land before White People
    stole, sickened, and destroyed their native culture! PV '75 Pride! Proud of the Smoke Signal, the Warrior, the Tribe!

  • Nancy Conrad Lembke (Thursday, April 09 15 10:54 pm EDT)

    Wow, you all have done a fantastic job on the planning, the website, the communication. Thank you so much.

  • John (Thursday, December 04 14 05:53 pm EST)

    That's all you have to do. Signing in means filling out that online form. BTW, glad to hear you will be attending!

  • Sharon Canale (Taylor) (Wednesday, December 03 14 02:25 pm EST)

    How does one sign in for the first time. I filled out the sheet. Now what?

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