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Sunrise at Alphonsus College


After the graduation, after the parties, after the diner, with our high school years having officially come to an end, a number of classmates made the trek to what was then Alphonsus College in Woodcliff Lake to watch the sunrise over the low-lying fog resting on the treetops in the valley below.  It was a perfect moment, and a perfect way to end our high school years, where we shared memories, sang songs and danced together one last time as kids of the Pascack Valley Class of 1975.


Had this occurred today, everyone would have taken at least a dozen pictures on their phones that would have wound up on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, and videos would be posted on YouTube.  Things were simpler back then, and quite frankly, some special moments in time are best when they don’t go viral.


If you were there and would like to share your memories of that special time together, please feel free to do so below.  If by chance you have some photos that you’d like to share, please send them to photos@pvhs75.com




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  • Lesley Goddin (Sunday, February 15 15 06:32 pm EST)

    I wish I DID have some photos. From that high vantage point, I remember seeing the sun crest the fog as if they were rolling mountains, the trees and sleeping town below. It was incredibly beautiful.
    Here I was with my classmates, after four years of high school together, a night of celebration, breakfast at the Red Coach Diner, dancing and singing as the sun rising on our future. I remember the
    police coming to oust us -- we invited them to sing and dance with us. I don't remember them joining us, but there were smiles!

  • John Murano (Sunday, February 15 15 09:13 pm EST)

    It was a beautiful, amazing way to end things! Funny thing, though, I can't remember who else was there! But it was a bunch of us.

  • Bob Hubbard (Sunday, February 22 15 05:26 pm EST)

    Well, I think I was there but I was never one for all nighters so I can prove I was there if Nancy Conrad says she was there. I seem to remember her acting like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music
    frolicking down that hill. If she can confirm that, then I was there :)

  • Emma Brandon (Thursday, February 26 15 09:13 am EST)

    I also remember being there. It was a beautiful morning. We were so fortunate to have this memory.

  • Nancy Conrad Lembke (Monday, May 11 15 09:06 pm EDT)

    I am with you Bob, not sure if I was there or not. If I was singing in public, that would not have been a good memory though!

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